Trypz – developed for both the employer and employee!

Many fleets have company cars and grey fleet but one of the biggest challenges is that drivers quite often don’t want a tracking device installed in their vehicle.

For employers, accurate recording and submission of mileage expense claims and helping to remain fully HMRC compliant can be quite time consuming. Unfortunately, the reported numbers can often be way out leaving employers exposed to potential investigations and prosecution.

Our Trypz solution provides an easy way that managers can receive monthly mileage reports on time allowing for quick approvals and Accounts will be confident that the correct mileage is being claimed for with the correct rates applied………with no live tracking needed!

Company car drivers and those who use their own vehicle for business journeys (grey fleet) will love Trypz as it simplifies their expense claims saving drivers the dreaded and sometimes lengthy task of researching and recording business mileage for their expense claim submission.

As an added advantage, if both employer and employees are in agreement to allow for live tracking whilst in business use, Trypz can also be incorporated into our MyFleet Live solution allowing you to see vehicle tracking devices, streaming cameras and specialised asset trackers reporting into one platform……and this can be completely rebranded for your organisation FOC!

We have set up three modes for the app – “business” mode when all journeys are available to the employer’s login, “private” mode when all journeys are only available to the driver on the app and “not recording” mode which simply turns all OS services off including location for those times when you are on holiday or there is no need for journeys to be recorded.

Trypz - different modes

If you can’t wait for it’s release and you want more information on Trypz and the optional modules that will be available, please contact us and we will be more than happy to give you a call.