Journey Organizer (JO)

Fleet Software Solutions are thrilled to have been chosen as the sole UK distributor for this brilliant GPS mileage expense claim solution. It is perfect for company car drivers, grey fleet and for those drivers that live tracking isn’t required but mileage and journey information is.

For employers, JO ensures accurate recording and submission of mileage expense claims, helping to remain fully HMRC compliant. Managers will receive monthly expense claims on time allowing for quick approvals and Accounts will be confident that the correct mileage is being claimed for with the correct rates applied.

Company car drivers and those who use their own vehicle for business journeys will love it. JO is not a live vehicle tracking system and it doesn’t record how they drive*. Private journeys remain private in the app on their phone whilst saving drivers the dreaded and sometimes lengthy task of researching and recording business mileage for their expense claim submission.

Journey Organizer costs just £49.99 (+ VAT) for the JO device and then £3.99 per month (+ VAT) or £44 per annum (+ VAT) subscription which is excellent value for money.

*Depending on demand from fleet clients, driver behaviour information such as harsh braking, accelerating and cornering along with speed versus the road speed limits could be switched on to help employers maintain their health and safety responsibilities. Drivers could become safer and more efficient with reduced risk and cost and we’re interested to hear your thoughts on this idea.

Once you have ordered and received the JO GPS devices, drivers simply download the JO App and plug JO into their vehicle cigarette lighter socket. They register their details and vehicle mileage and pair with their Smart Phone via Bluetooth and they are ready to go.

Jo will generate accurate business journey details, utilising GPS and the latest Bluetooth low energy technology to seamlessly transfer driver’s trip data to secure cloud servers where trips can be sorted and reports generated, all directly from their mobile phone.

Vehicle trips can be categorised as Business or Private from the JO unit or from the App itself. Vehicle stops can easily be geo-fenced (virtual geographic boundary) and customised from the App itself for reporting purposes.

All data will be securely stored in the JO cloud servers ensuring that it will be safe and fully intact. Even in the event of a lost or damaged phone, data will be ready for access with a replacement phone.

One very useful feature of JO is that there is also a Super Charge USB port built in ensuring your drivers need never suffer flat phone batteries ever again.

Drivers will be able to review their journeys daily or weekly confirming whether each journey they have completed was for business or private use. They can also input a reason for business journeys (eg client meeting) and create geofences (eg client and home locations) in the app to make reviewing by drivers and managers so much easier.

An expenses report can be run by the driver directly from the app at the end of each month (or whatever interval is stipulated by management) and this includes all the information required for a mileage expenses claim. This can then be submitted to the approving manager ready for swift approval and sending to Payroll for payment.

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