About Us

Working with Fleet Software Solutions gives you access to a group of fleet specialists with a wealth of experience that over the years have demonstrated a positive impact on fleet operations. Enjoy access to vehicle tracking and driver behaviour experts, vehicle camera and fleet management software specialists, engineers, software developers, hardware manufacturers and suppliers, driver trainers and many more. We also have available to you fleet managers and company directors that have embraced the technologies available and then made a real difference to their organisations.

We are constantly challenging what we do: honing our solutions to make them more user-friendly and simple to use whilst achieving higher efficiency for our clients and finding more ways to save them money on their fleet. For example, with our MyFleet Live solution, you can see a huge range of different devices all reporting in to one platform, such as mileage capture dongles, black boxes, OBD plug-ins, CANBus compatible hardware and live streaming cameras all in one place. As new technologies emerge, we will simply integrate them to the platform guaranteeing you have the latest devices available without having to switch software providers over and over again.

Grey fleet, company car drivers and the those that drive vehicles for business but don’t need to be live tracked now have the brilliant Journey Organizer solution to help with their mileage expense claims. This will have a huge impact for businesses working to maintain HMRC compliancy and of course, save a small fortune by making inaccurate and inflated claims a thing of the past.

We want to help organisations get the chance to use the fleet management tools available in the best possible way. Many have the systems in place but aren’t getting the best out of them due to the day to day pressures of running a fleet and ever changing priorities.

One of our goals is to achieve buy-in from all members of an organisation. It needs everyone to play their part, from the drivers, admin, customer services, planning teams through to procurement and the board of directors. This doesn’t need to impact on time, and the solutions our group of specialists implement actually help those involved to become more efficient within their role, allowing them to focus on issues they haven’t had the time to even consider in the past!

With everyone on board, it is easy to get real improvements off the ground. Our industry professionals within Fleet Software Solutions can help you to make the impact you are looking for now, and then keep the momentum going in the coming months and years.

If you are an industry professional who can demonstrate (with references) your ability to make a fleet operation more efficient, then let’s talk as we want to hear from you.

To discuss how we could be of assistance, please click here and we will arrange for the most appropriate consultant to contact you.