There are a vast amount of vehicle cameras (CCTV) solutions on the market today so you may be wondering which one is best for your needs.

Dash cams have become more and more popular as they provide peace of mind if ever there is a dispute arising from incidents; in-cab cameras allow fleet managers to observe drivers to ensure adherence to mobile phone and smoking laws and check training needs; rear facing cameras can also help resolve disputes from rear-end accidents, plus, some insurers will even consider a discount on premiums if a camera is fitted to a vehicle.

So which one to go for? There is such a variety available with a range of wide angle lens options, some with both front and rear cameras, others with several lenses that can record a variety of angles while most now include GPS positioning as standard.

Some questions you may want to think about include:

  • Would a simple camera with an SD card do the job or do I need a more integrated solution where data is saved in the cloud?
  • Do I require all round vision from my camera solution?
  • Am I happy to leave it to the driver to secure the camera or SD card and bring it to me as soon as is possible or would I rather see an incident online within minutes of it actually happening?
  • How will this affect my insurance premiums?
  • How will it affect my risk going forward?

There are so many questions, and it is our mission at Fleet Software Solutions to provide the expertise so that you can make an informed decision the first time to get the right vehicle camera (CCTV) solution for your business, whatever your requirement.

At Fleet Software Solutions, we have integrated a number of live streaming camera solutions into our hardware agnostic vehicle tracking platform, MyFleet Live which means you can now view what happened before, during and after a road traffic incident within minutes.

With MyFleet Live, you can see a huge range of different devices all reporting in alongside the cameras on one platform. These include mileage capture dongles, traditional black boxes, OBD plug-ins and CANBus compatible hardware. As new technologies emerge, we will simply integrate them to the platform guaranteeing you have the latest devices available without having to switch software providers over and over again.

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