Mobile Workforce

Could a (paperless) mobile workforce system really work in your organisation?

It is already a reality for large fleet operations but as mobile workforce solutions have become more affordable, the smaller fleet operations are now able to enjoy the benefits too. If you currently have to wait for paperwork to make its way back to you from your field based employees and this slows down the internal operation, or you simply want to be able to send jobs direct to your employee’s smartphone or tablet, this technology is for you.

Over the years we have seen the resistance of this technology from salespeople, service engineers, delivery drivers and other field based employees slowly change to an acceptance through to appreciation of how it is making their roles easier, reducing their workload and making the organisation they work for more efficient and profitable.

Because of this, companies are more willing to invest in this technology knowing that it is now something that doesn’t need to be forced upon their employees but something that is welcomed by new starters through to the more experienced field based workers. Once implemented, employees then enjoy the positive impact it has on their workload by allowing them to complete paperwork electronically in real time and the organisation is able to speed up invoicing to the client as well as having a real time gauge on exactly where jobs are up to.

Just some of the welcomed features of this technology are the ability to complete the following via smart phone or tablet:

  • vehicle checks
  • risk assessments

  • order forms

  • delivery notes

  • expenses

In reality, nearly all paperwork your organisation has to complete now can be replicated in a mobile workforce solution.

Like other leading fleet operations, we can also integrate a mobile workforce solution with a vehicle tracking system and/or fleet management system and this then amplifies the return on investment, the improvement on customer service and overall productivity, not forgetting the morale of the employees.

And when you require it, with our MyFleet Live solution, you can see a huge range of different devices all reporting in to one platform, such as mileage capture dongles, black boxes, OBD, CANBus and live streaming cameras all in one place. As new technologies emerge, we will simply integrate them to the platform guaranteeing you have the latest devices available without having to switch software providers over and over again.

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