Intelligent Advice and Consultancy working with Fleet Operations and Providers of Technology, Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

We specialise in fleet software solutions including vehicle tracking/telematics, dash cams and live streamed vehicle camera systems, mobile workforce solutions, fleet management software and most importantly, bringing all of this together and working with all internal stakeholders to reduce risk whilst making fleets more efficient.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software solutions encompass the management of the company’s fleet of vehicles which can include cars, vans, trucks, plant and machinery. They may be company owned, employee owned, rental or pool vehicles. Fleet management software can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, licence checking, risk management, driver management, fuel management, compliance and h&s management.

Vehicle Tracking/Telematics

MyFleet Live is our hardware agnostic vehicle tracking system allowing us to choose the right hardware that suits your needs and budget the best. It is a feature-rich, simple to use dashboard and easy to navigate. MyFleet Live can provide updates as frequently as you wish and there is no minimum contract so that as your fleet grows, or gets smaller, the system can adapt with it with no financial penalties. We can also tailor  MyFleet to your company’s branding free of charge.

Driver Behaviour Scoring

MyFleet Live records an incredible amount of data and a huge benefit of this is being able to monitor driver behaviour easily across any size fleet. The system enables fleet managers to quickly compile or schedule reports showing individual drivers speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and idling time from any journey and at any point on that journey. Managers can then identify any training requirements. The system also awards scores for driving style which incentivises drivers to do well and stay safe.

Vehicle Camera Solutions

There are a huge range of vehicle camera (CCTV) solutions on the market. We can integrate the best camera system for your business into your tailored MyFleet solution. This can provide video surveillance footage (backed up or live streaming) from both inside and outside the vehicle in which it is installed. The cameras are designed to protect your company and staff by encouraging safer driving, assisting in proving liability in any incident claims, and deterring would be thieves and vandals.